Adapting toYou: Fusion Lifecycle Gets a New Name

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In an effort to create a more streamlined approach to how our customers interact with our software, we have adapted the name of Fusion Lifecycle to Fusion 360 Manage. Our customers can rest assured that nothing about the software is going to be changing, Autodesk is simply reimagining the name of one of our management products to better serve you.

We understand that while not a lot is changing, customers may still have questions. Our Autodesk team has added a commonly asked questions section down below for all of our customers to reference.

If for whatever reason, you don’t find an answer you are looking for, please feel free to comment in the forum down below or email for customer support.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  1. Q.Will anything regarding the product itself be changing?

A. No. The name is the only thing being altered.

2. Q. Why is the name changing?

A.We offer 8 different products within the 360 suites that most customers use, changing the name from Fusion Lifecycle to Fusion 360 Manage will allow for more continuity within the product line.

3. Q. Will this affect any of the projects I am currently working on within Fusion Lifecycle?

A. No. Everything within the application will run exactly the same, with all of your existing projects in the same locations. The only difference will be the name of the application will no longer be Fusion Lifecylce.

4. Q. When will the new name be switching from Fusion Lifecycle to Fusion 360 Manage?

A. The name adaption will be effective by July 1st.

5. Q. Who can I contact if my question wasn’t answered here?

A. Please contact and someone from our customer care team will be happy to answer any of your questions within 24 hours.



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